Regan Schneckloth: 2018/19 Sophomore-

Hello! Next year is quickly approaching, and I am so excited for all the new shows and opportunities that our troop will have for the 2018-2019 school year. In order to have the funding to keep creating our art together, we need people to come to our shows, and I would be down to make sure that happens. As your publicity officer, I would make sure that our community wants to come to our shows by creating the ad flats and putting up our posters in other schools. I would also like to start getting a group of people together who would like to go visit homerooms during show week to get the word out, and excite the student body to come see our productions. I would also love to start putting our posters up in local business windows, (with their permission), to inform people outside of the school about what we’re doing. Along with physical and verbal advertizing, I would like to create a business oriented social media presence for our troop using many different platforms to promote our shows, fundraisers and events in a professional setting. By using all of these tactics, I hope to do my part in sharing our troop with the local community!

Quincy Fick: 2018/19 Senior-

Next year I am interested in running for the positions of President and Technical Director.

I feel either of these positions would be a good fit for me because of the unique angle that I can offer the positions.

Some things that qualify me are my readiness to learn new skills and gain new experiences as a part of our troupe. I am also at almost every function that our theatre holds, as well as the fact that I work every show.

My goals as a President of our troupe would be to better the relationship between tech and actors as well as continue to push our troupe towards new and amazing opportunities.

As a technical director, my goals would be to push our theatre and technical work to a whole new level. By teaching the underclassmen the ins and outs of tech theatre, we can insure the success of the troupe. Another important goal of mine would be to push the limits of what we can do as a troupe by taking on new technical projects for shows, and helping new designers execute their designs!

Thank you for your consideration!

Connor Yokley: 2018/19 Sophomore-

I’d like to run for the position of videographer. I really enjoy making little videos and films in my spare time, so having a reason to do that would be really fun! I like making up ideas for videos, but I never really get to go through with them. At the risk of sounding conceited, I’d like to consider myself pretty good at editing. I really want to get more involved with the troupe. Thanks for your consideration!

Reese Verbsky: 2018/19 Sophomore-

I have three more years left to dedicate to this theatre troupe! I’ve been in theatre all around the Littleton area since I was 8 years old. I would like to be your Publicity or Lettering officer because of the  passion I have for this theatre department and all the people involved.

As Publicity officer, I would leverage social media platforms (such as NextDoor and Twitter) to increase to community involvement with all generations. She would include community centers, senior living, and a heavy influence on feeder schools. I would also like to invest more time in promos and potentially creating a YouTube channel to advertise shows and events. A vote for Reese will fill the seats!!

If I were to be elected Lettering officer, I would make sure to keep everything organized, and designate times for everyone to log their points. I would also like to introduce a system where everyone can stay updated more accurately on their points. As for the Thespi Awards and Induction ceremony, you can count on me to make sure it’s a good time for everyone!

Carly O Rear: 2018/19 Sophomore-

SecretaryCarly might only be a sophomore next year, but that only means she has so much time left at HRHS to dedicate to the troop, and would love to take on the position of secretary! In addition to her 6 years of theater experience, she has worked similar jobs before in other programs and knows the logistics. She is attentive, punctual, and dedicated, all great qualities that would come in handy for a secretary. As secretary, Carly would make sure that all of her tasks were taken accurately and delivered to the needed people in a timely manner, and has many new ideas on how to make the delivery of news more efficient and effective. And, you wouldn’t have to worry about t-shirt designs either as Carly is an alum at that process as well, having designed school/show shirts before and has a lot of creative ideas! Although Carly doesn’t have any experience of leadership within this troop, this job would be the perfect start to her further involvement in the troop!

Website AdministratorCarly has an immense passion for the theater department, a passion that she would have flow over into the website. As website administrator, Carly would keep it updated and clean, building on the amazing base we already have to make it more accessible and collaborative! She would work to keep the design and notifications updated. Utilizing her many available ways of communicating with the other troop members, she could easily keep the bios and blog posts. Also, because Carly rarely doesn’t have her phone on her, she would be available to take photos or videos whenever needed and put them on the site. Despite not having much experience with digital work, Carly would still be a good candidate due to her physical artistic abilities and quick learning. Overall, Carly would be a great website administrator and would bring the website up to  new level!

Carson Leaf: 2018/19 Junior-

I’ll be a junior at H.R next year. I have been very involved in all the goings on in the theater for all of my time in highschool so far and plan on becoming more and more involved as highschool rolls on. I would like to run for the lettering officer because thespian points have always been a worry and focus of mine much like a lot of you, at least I hope. I love to help people with anything that’s going on and I am literally in the theater and green room 24/7 so if ever you’d need to ask about or talk about points or just get them logged so you can be inducted and you can letter and if you’re going for it get that cord at graduation. Please consider me for the lettering officer thank you.

Hailey Kurtic: 2018/19 Junior-

Hi everyone! During my Junior year I would like to run for vice president of the theatre. Being involved for the last two years, I have gotten the chance to meet most everyone who is involved in the department, and spread a lot of our news around Highlands Ranch high school. Being an officer would give me the chance to advocate for all of your voices! As VP, I would plan to organize trips for all of us to see other plays in the area, provide lots of information about things going on in our town involving colleges and scholarship opportunities, and serve as a leader who could help everyone be involved in next year’s activities. I want to bring new people into the department, as well as see all of us become even more successful here as actors and crew members. Thank you for considering me and everything I can contribute to our theatre!

The other position I would like to run for this year is the website administrator. I think this job is really important because of how valuable an online presence can be for our department. If I were elected, I would want to make the website even more efficient and appealing, and spread the word about it so more people could view all of our department’s accomplishments! P.S, I watched Kevin work on it all year, so I already know how to use it, but I would make it prettier! (Sorry Kevin) Thanks everyone!

Holly Frendberg: 2018/19 Senior-

My goal as your president would be to be a support for all thespians no matter what age or year or experience. I have dedicated my entire life to theatre and would like to dedicate this year to this theatre.  I will be a friend, a mentor, or whatever else this troupe needs. I promise to honor every tradition and keep the hope and happiness alive. I will strive for a no drama theatre so that we can focus on our craft. I know I’ve only just moved here but this troupe has welcomed me in a way that no other theatre has before. I can honestly say I love you all in your own special way and anyway I can be there for you I will do. Thank you.

Jacob Gillen: 2018/19 Junior- 

The position that I would like to run for is vice president. I would like to take leadership in the theatre and help get a better connection between the troupe all round. With the upcoming opprotunities and events we could possibly plan, I’m excited to see what we can do

I already spend most of my day in the theater and it I were to be elected VP I would be having ideas that would be based upon community decision. I’ve always wanted to be apart of the leadership in theater and I’m beyond ecstatic to see where the road ahead lies. With only 2 years left in the school, I hope to provide some love for the theatre and grow as a troupe to new heights.