Student Life

Listed Alphabetically 

Maya Cannon- Maya Cannon is a senior at HRHS and she has been a stage manager twice in her high school carrer. The productions that Maya has been apart of are Wizard of Oz, Noises Off and Cinderella. She believes in aliens, is a professional Llama enthusiast and loves all things related to The Walking Dead. Maya also loves all of her friends very much.

Ben Coleman- Ben is a senior in the troupe. He has been a part of every show since the musical, The Wizard of Oz, his freshman year. Next to participating in thespian productions, Ben enjoys eating cereal out of the dent in his sternum.

Luis Chavez- Luis is a senior who has worked many productions as an usher, until he got to be the spotlight operator in Urinetown and played a role in Cinderella. He would like to continue further to become your friendly neighborhood theatre boy.

Seth Howard- Seth is a funky senior guy who has a passion for theatre. This is his eleventh rocking production with the HRHS thespians. Seth is an ordained minister and his idols include Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Guy Fieri.

Moira Davis- Moira Davis is a senior at Highlands Ranch. She has been in two productions at HRHS, her first being Cinderella. Her 9th production ever. Moira is waiting for Broadway actor, Lucas Steele, to marry her. And often gets mistaken for Maya Cannon.

Quincy Fick- Quincy has been a part of 9 shows at HRHS. She is a junior this year. She hopes to continue her work in technical theatre as well as special effects makeup.

Hailey Kurtic-  Hailey is a sophmore at HRHS. She was part of the cast for All in the Timing and Cinderella last year. Hailey loves being a part of the theatre department. Even though she's not playing Queen Beyoncé, Queen Hippolyta is just as flawless.

Carson Leaf- He is a sophmore. He was involved in the Cresthill Middle School theatre and performed in the Highlands Ranch High School's theatre's production of "The Wizard of Oz". Carson also writes semi-depressing poetry and posts it on his instagram page.

The Moustrap (Carson left)

Samson Leyba- Samson Leyba is a senior and a two-time medalist at the National Thespian competition. He has been involved in twelve shows at HRHS since his freshman year, his favorite roles being Toto in "Wizard of Oz," and Sam in "Lord of the Flies." Whenever Samson is about to do something, he asks himself, would an idiot so this? If they would, he does not do that thing.

Maureen Martin- Currently a junior a Highlands Ranch High School. She also appeared in "The Laramie Project", "Urinetown" and "All in The Timing". Theatre is her passion and she plans on making it her career in the future.

The Mousetrap

Elena Opp- Elena is a junior at Highlands Ranch High School. She is aiming to be a scientist, but also wishes to pursue track and theatre.

Noah Pasley- Noah is a senior at HRHS. This is his first time acting here, but he has been taking theatre classes since freshman year and is a Thespian Officer. He runs his own writing  account on Instagram, hit him up at @requiem_of_an_american_author

Tristan Ropa- Tristan Ropa is a senior at HRHS. He has been a part of every show since the musical, The Wizard of Oz, his freshman year. His most notable and memorable role was playing "Tristan Ropa" in the hit sitcom Driveway Cracks.

Kevin Santibanez-Kevin is a senior at HRHS. He appeared in "The Wizard of Oz," "Urinetown," "All in the Timing" and "Cinderella", and "The Mousetrap." Kevin wants to be an all around artist creating music and theatre forever.

Connor Slavey- Connor is a senior and is always happy to be a part of a show. He had originally decided not to act this year but changed his mind. He is glad he did and thinks this production is a great way to finish his acting career in high school.

Audrey Stevens- She is a junior at Highlands Ranch High School. She's been involved in the HRHS Theatre since her sophmore year and has had the privilege to be a part of shows such as "Cinderella" and "All in the Timing". She has a passion for all things cat, dog and chinchilla.

Zoé Tkaczyk- Zoé Tkaczyk is a senior at HRHS. This is her 4th year in theatre and 7th production with the Thespians; "Mousetrap" being her favourite because it's pretty killer.

Ben Wells- Ben Wells is a senior at Highlands Ranch High School. Ben has been involved in a number of HRHS productions, most notably "Cinderella," where he played Lionel, and "Lord of the Flies," where he played Maurice. Over the summer, Ben worked at a summer camp, teaching Drama and Kayak Polo.

The Mousetrap

Veronica Wernsman- Veronica Wernsman is a senior. She has been in ten productions at HRHS, her favorite being "Cinderella" in which she played the titular role. She loves her dog, The Bachelor, and singing loudly in the shower.