Officer Duty Descriptions

President: The president will provide primary leadership, call all necessary meetings, coordinate the responsibilities of all other officers throughout the year and communicate membership interests and concerns to the advisor.  The President will also communicate all events and requirements to attend events (money, etc.) to thespians. The President will lead all fundraising activities.

Vice President: The vice president will assume the responsibilities of the president if that student should not be able to perform those duties. This officer will post all pertinent theatre information regarding colleges, scholarships, and current plays. This officer will also organize thespian trips to see local productions.

Technical Director: The Technical Director will manage the booth and shop areas. This person will recruit, train and lead backstage crew and board ops before the dry tech rehearsal. They will communicate with and co-ordinate the designers of the production to build a cohesive production. With the advisors help they will get the designers what they need for the production.

Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for taking down and posting thespian meeting minutes.  The Secretary will update the Upcoming Events Board every month. With the president this student will communicate all events and requirements to attend events (money, etc.) to thespians.  This student will organize a thespian t-shirt and/or show t-shirts. administrator: This person will update will all pertinent information as needed. The role of the online administrator is essentially this: to keep the website updated with all thespian content, including blog posts, pictures, cast bios, and videos.  

Historian: The historian is responsible for keeping a photographic record of the year’s activities. The support and help of officers and other members is needed to take pictures/video. Headshots of the actors posted in the lobby for the performances.

Videographer: Creates the promotional videos for the productions to be played on social media and school wide announcements.

Publicity: This student is responsible for making sure people come to our shows!  Broadcast commercials, posters and contacting local thespian troupes and newspapers are required for all productions. Updating the marquee and other physical postings are required. T

Lettering: This student will record and report all thespian points. This officer is also responsible for putting together the Thespi Award Ceremony with the Troupe Director.